Steven Maglio
“Sounds of Sinatra”

Steve Maglio Sounds of Sinatra TributeSteven Maglio introduces himself, resplendent in his tuxedo, and makes sure to tell the audience that “I am not a Sinatra impersonator!”  And, that is true!  But, from the moment he starts to sing, his beautiful voice harkens back to the Chairman of The Board’s best days, and the audience is lost in the memories of Frank Sinatra.

No one in America more clearly defines the “Sounds of Sinatra” than Steven, who has performed weekly at the World-Famous Carnegie Club in New York for the past several years, and brought his show as far away as Ecuador with the Symphony Orchestra Of Quayaquil.   Tavern On The Green, New York;  Crown Plaza Hotel, New York; Rainbow Room, New York; Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas; Hilton Hotel, Atlantic City; Sands Hotel, Atlantic City; Paris Hotel, Las Vegas; Blue Note, New York, all agree, Frank ain’t comin’ back---let’s get Steven Maglio!

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