A Tribute to Billy Joel & Elton John

The Tribute Sir Elton John & Billy Joel show is a night of hit songs, energetic performances, outrageous costumes, and true Rock N Roll at its finest!  Tribute Artist David James (Billy Joel), and Jeffrey Allen (Elton) capture both artists in their high energy, interactive Rock N Roll show.   Just like the original tour, each artist performs a solo set with their Incredible Rock N Roll band then joining together on stage, Piano to Piano rockin’ out respectively to their Greatest hits. ...... also adding funny performance bits, sing-a-long parts, and spontaneous humor.    Jeffrey and David through their performance, capture Sir Elton John and Billy Joel through the years starting in the 70‘s to current day. Jeffrey especially known for his captivating entertainment prowess and his unbelievable recreation of Elton’s outrageous costumes. David, for his dazzling fast and furious finger work showing what a monster piano player Billy Joel really was with songs like Root Beer Rag and Angry Young Man.    See you there Honky Cat!

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