Liza & Judy
Together Again!

Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli, well known especially for “The Wizard of Oz” and “Cabaret”, are certainly the most famous mother and daughter entertainers that the world of show business has ever seen. Both of them were awarded Oscars, Emmys and Grammy’s for their immense talent, which you can watch one more time in “Liza & Judy, Together Again”.

Unlike the usual “tribute show”, this spectacular theatrical piece has amazing sound-alike/look-alike artists Suzanne Goulet and Denise Rose bringing Liza and Judy back to life on stage. Not only do they recreate the looks, the voices and the dance steps of the legends but they also portray the concept of mother and daughter being reunited to do one more show together, transmitting their wonderful energy and the love they had for each other.

During this 90 minute two-act show, the stars appear in colorful, authentic costumes and take turns singing, performing signature songs, and having fun with each other with lines of comic dialogue in between the numbers. From Judy, you will hear hits like “Rockabye Your Baby”, “The Man That Got Away” “Swanee”, and a very emotional “Over the Rainbow”. From Liza, you will hear her famous numbers from “Ring Them Bells”, “Cabaret”, and “I Love a Piano”, to “Bye Bye Blackbird” (with Suzanne performing a re-creation of the tap number that Liza did in her Radio City Music Hall concert.

There are numerous song medleys, with Liza and Judy together belting out classics including “Liza With A Z”, “You Made Me Love You”, “All That Jazz”, “The Trolley Song”, “Maybe This Time”, “San Francisco”, “Hello Dolly” “Be A Clown” and “Together, Wherever We Go”.

As for the finale? After a standing ovation, the audience hears the familiar musical intro to “New York, New York” with pictures of skyscrapers on the screen. Liza appears, singing her signature song high-kicking in tuxedo and top hat. At the end of the number, Judy joins her daughter to tell her how happy she feels to have been part of the show. Liza responds by expressing how happy she is as well and they sing the very fitting and touching duet “Happy Days Are Here Again/ Get Happy”.

Liza & Judy Together Again is generally performed as a track show, with or without back-up dancers, depending on budget. For larger venues that prefer a band show to tracks, Suzanne and Denise will travel with their Music Director and work with local musicians.



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