The Ultimate ABBA Concert

Dust off your disco boots and leisure suits - shine up those platform shoes. Be transported back to a simpler time when gas was under $1 per gallon, when music was fun, inspiring and uplifting...and disco was King. It's abbacadabra, the Ultimate ABBA Concert-- a dazzling show, produced and delivered with such energy and detail, that fans have sworn that the original ABBA members have actually reunited.

Performing 20 of ABBA’s greatest hits from 1973 through 1983, abbacadabra precisely recreates all of the excitement and passion of their record-breaking 1979-80 world concert tour experience. "Dancing Queen", "Take a Chance on Me", "Fernando", "Waterloo", and "Super Trouper" are all the songs audiences will remember and love. The impact of the vocals alone will leave you mesmerized.

What makes abbacadabra different from other ABBA tributes?

  • They don't make fun of the music or poke fun at the outfits. They give ABBA the integrity and respect it deserves.
  • The show as a comedic story line, as if the 4 original members have reunited after both couples divorced.
  • The show has the biggest surprise ending of ANY tribute show ever.
  • Abbacadabra is endorsed by Jerry Greenberg, former President of Atlantic Records, who signed the original ABBA to its first US record deal.
  • No Visa or international travel issues; the act is totally self contained other than stage, PA and lighting.

The ongoing success of the hit Broadway musical and the hit movie "Mamma Mia" continues to spur interest in the music of ABBA -- the third most successful pop group of all time (behind Elvis and the Beatles!) This fantastic USA production has toured the US and Europe and is a must see show for every generation of fun-loving ABBA fans. An exciting FUN time is waiting for all.


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