"Elegant and VIVID storytelling!" - NY THEATRE
"Brings to mind VINCENT PRICE and Victorian Era full moons!" - NY TIMES

Now in its 9th year, RADIOTHEATRE is the award-winning, critically acclaimed PERFORMANCE GROUP that creates AUDIO THEATRE live on stage.

More than just an authentic re-creation of old time radio shows…RADIOTHEATRE is a collection of staged productions inspired by the artistry of the Golden Years of Radio when SOUND was king and STORY-TELLING was of utmost importance. Using great actors with great voices, original orchestral scores, 21st Century Hollywood sound technology and a plethora of sound effects, RADIOTHEATRE creates a unique, innovative and memorable live theatrical experience.

Like telling tales around a campfire in the dark where all of one’s attention is focused upon the Narrator, story content for RADIOTHEATRE productions is drawn from extremely popular pulp fiction genres that do blockbuster box office in the movies, but are surprisingly ignored by theatres -- adventure, science fiction, horror, and crime.

The cinematic scripts and presentational format allow RADIOTHEATRE to deliver nearly anything…from King Kong roaring atop the Empire State Building to an explosive invasion from outer space to the inner voice of a demented mind. Titles include: King Kong, Dracula, War of the Worlds, The Red Badge of Courage, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Frankenstein, The Time Machine, MacBeth, Ghost Stories, and dozens more.

RadioTheatre was recently the subject of two fantastic articles in major New York newspapers: "No rest for the Wicked, Undead or Ghoulish" in The New York Times (click to read) and "Thriller on Fourth Street: Dan Bianchi’s Radiotheatre Does Poe and Lovecraft" in The New York Observer (click to read).

Video doesn't adequately capture the drama, intensity and excitement of RADIOTHEATRE, but watch the video clip below to get a "feel" for what the experience looks and sounds like.


* 2008 NY Innovative Theatre Awards for Outstanding Original Music and Outstanding Sound Design
* 2010 DRAMA DESK AWARD Nominee for Best Sound Design
* NYIT AWARDS BEST PERFORMANCE GROUP nominated 6 years in a row
* NYIT Awards, 13 nominations





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