Village People

Selling more than 65 million recordings the Village People were an instant phenomenon with their hits "San Francisco (You Got Me)," "Macho Man," "Y.M.C.A.," " In the Navy," "Go West" and "Can't Stop the Music."

Calling all macho men (and women) to the Village People Dance Party for any night that you want the house rockin' to the hip sounds of the 70's with the one and only Village People.

They've been called an exaggerated camp act, but the Village People are definitely one of the best disco/pop groups to emerge from the 70's. Their team of 6 characters, drawn from dominant male stereotypes, created a singing and dancing "village" that brought hordes of people to their feet with songs like "Go West," "In The Navy," "Macho Man," and of course, "YMCA." The current lineup of characters includes original members Felipe Rose, G.I. Alexander Briley and construction worker David Hodo; member additions in 1980 were cowboy Jeff Olson and cop Ray Simpson; and 1995's new addition Eric Anzalone, the biker.

A resurgence of sorts occurred in the 90's for the Village People with television appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Oprah and Good Morning America. The Village People also appeared on soundtracks for movies including "In and Out," "Priscilla Queen of the Desert," "Wayne's World 2," and "Addams Family Values."

Don't miss your chance to see "one of the most fun acts the world has ever seen," according to Dick Clark.

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