The Crystals
Hall of Fame Girl Group

The Crystals first recording, There's No Other (Like My Baby)  was also their first hit which catapulted them straight to the "Apollo" theatre. They continued their successful recordings with five more TOP TEN records: Uptown, He's A Rebel, He's Sure The Boy I Love, Da Doo Ron Ron,  and Then He Kissed Me. Two of the TOP 50 most popular records in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame belong to The Crystals. The Crystals now consist of Dee Dee Kenniebrew, who was there from the very first recording, Patricia Pritchett-Lewis and Melissa  Antoinette Grant.

The Crystals perform a lot of package shows (combined acts on the bill), amphitheaters, conventions, state fairs, and outdoor parks. The audiences are getting more diverse with youngsters from 9 years old and up, coming with parents and grandparents to see the acts they hear singing in the movies that are so often made today. The Crystals have a high energy show "that keep them trim and fit" and our audiences asking for more. We keep them wondering "can these really be The Crystals?" Dee Dee says, "oh yes I am."

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