McLean Avenue Band
Celtic Rock and Pop

Five men who dreamed of traveling the world by playing music founded the McLean Avenue Band in 1992 in a small town in Ireland (they then called themselves Padraig Allen & the Whole Shebang). All this came true for these young men two years later when Irish Entertainment's manager, Pat Mc Gill, from County Donegal, heard the band performing at the Guinness festival in County Galway. Realizing the potential and charisma the band had on that overcast afternoon in Galway, Pat approached the band, and that was the door to their first US Tour. After ten years and more than thirty US tours including all the major Irish festivals, the McLean Avenue Band has gained an extensive fan base. They have played in excess of twenty US states in some years, and broken records of having played four gigs in four different states in the one day. The McLean Avenue Band are no strangers to festivals such as the Milwaukee Irish Festival, The Oyster Fest and the Stone Hill College Fest in Boston, Hunter Mountain Irish Fest, East Durham Irish Fest, and West Palm Beach in Florida. The list doesn't end there. Chicago, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and many other states have been and remain good friends of the McLean Avenue Band.

Also Available: The McLean Avenue Band with the Darrah Carr Dance Troupe


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