Los Ciegos del Barrio

“Los Ciegos Del Barrio" are a multi genre Latin music group from NY. They play Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and Rock music in both English and Spanish. The name "Los Ciegos Del Barrio" literally translates to "The Blind Boys from the Hood". The name was originally meant to be a joke, but they ended up keeping it as an ice breaker. Most of the band is legally blind-- hence the name of the band. They have been playing together since 1997 and have been recording albums since the year 2000. Their music may be unfamiliar to the audience immediately, but, the band's performance is not so much about categorizing the music they play as it is feeling the pulse of the Latin-rhythm-driven melodies.

And, although they are legally blind, music has been a disease indisputably inherited at birth. The Suarez brothers were children of a multi-instrumentalist musician, growing up in Spanish Harlem, where they were greatly influenced by the music favored in their neighborhood.  From a very young age, the brothers began picking up and playing the instruments around their home and even had their first paying gigs in their father's band at age 10. In addition, Alvin credits a trip to the Dominican Republic, and his exposure to the music there, as providing the final inspiration for the band.

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