Little Anthony & The Imperials
Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Group

A vocal group called The Chesters started in 1957--changed their name to The Imperials, and, signed with End Records in 1958. Their first single was “Tears on My Pillow”, which was an instant hit. (While playing this song, famous DJ, Alan Freed, dubbed the name "Little Anthony") The other side of the record, "Two Kinds of People" was also a hit. The group followed up with "Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko Ko Bop" in 1960. When their success dwindled in 1961, Little Anthony left to attempt a solo career.  Some other Imperial members left, and, the new lineup was not successful. 
Little Anthony returned in 1963, and, the group's classic line-up; "Little Anthony" Gourdine, Ernest Wright, Clarence Collins, and Sammy Strain, was now complete. The Imperials found new success with the dramatic pop-soul records "I’m On The Outside Looking In" (1964), "Goin' Out Of My Head" (1964), "Hurt So Bad" (1965), "I Miss You So" (1965), "Take Me Back" (1965), "Hurt" (1966), and "Out of Sight, Out Of Mind" (1969)

They continue to this day, as one of the few major groups from that era, with most of the original singers, and, perform all over the world.  “Little Anthony” still sounds like a teenager, and, hits the high notes that the group is famous for!

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