Lauren Fox
“A knock-out show" "Spellbinding" "Enthralling”
--Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Stage, screen and television actress and songstress Lauren Fox is truly making her mark in the music world.  In the Spring of 2012, she was named Female Debut Artist of the Year at the annual MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs) Awards and Debut Artist of the Year at the 27th Annual Bistro Awards, which celebrate outstanding achievement in cabaret and jazz.  In October of 2012, she opened the Mabel Mercer Foundation’s Cabaret Convention at Lincoln Center, and her spellbinding renditions of Joni Mitchell’s "Woodstock" and Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah" were acclaimed by The New York Times as “the most transfixing performances of the entire evening.” And in 2013, the Nightlife Awards named Lauren the Outstanding Cabaret Performer of the Year.

Lauren has three phenomenal and critically acclaimed shows to offer:  the intimate, fascinating and magical show, Love Lust, Fear & Freedom: The Songs of Joni Mitchell & Leonard Cohen called “remarkable”, “deep” and “dramatically revealing” by The New York Times; We Are Stardust: Revisiting LA’s Turbulent Folk-Rock Era, which The New York Times called “enthralling”; and Groupies: The Muses Behind the Legends of Rock & Roll, described by The New York Times as “haunting, deeply personal…with smoldering charisma”.

Show #1:
Love, Lust, Fear & Freedom:
The Songs of Joni Mitchell & Leonard Cohen

Through stories and song, Lauren examines the creative genius and conflicted desires of two of folk music’s most enduring artists. Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen are widely known to be among the best and most prolific songwriters of their generation. Less known about the fellow Canadian artists is that they had a relationship early in their careers that lasted only a few months, but had a lasting effect on their work. Many have speculated as to why the relationship didn’t last, and that’s what Lauren Fox explores here – BOTH SIDES – through their music, their histories, their triumphs and heartbreaks. Lauren delves into the meaning behind the songs, giving us a better understanding of a painter and a poet who mesmerized the world through song. Highlights of the show include Mitchell’s “Chelsea Morning”, “River”, and “Both Sides Now”, and Cohen’s “Suzanne”, “Bird on a Wire”, and “Hallelujah”.

As Stephen Holden writes, “Together, Lauren and her trio perform 16 songs — 9 by Joni Mitchell and 7 by Leonard Cohen — into a spellbinding his-and-hers dialogue.” For the full review, click here.

Another rave from William Wolf, President of the Drama Desk: "...there is electricity in the air. It is thrilling to observe how accomplished she is, much in the way it always is when you discover talent and share the excitement over a performance that makes you want to tell everyone that they must see for themselves. Ms. Fox is indeed that rarity." Read the full review here.


Show #2:
We are Stardust
Revisiting LA’s Turbulent Folk-Rock Era

This show is a journey through a time and place where music legends would become legendary. From the mid-sixties to the early-seventies, something magical took place in Southern California...and it all happened in a bucolic stretch of hills, just above the Sunset Strip, called Laurel Canyon.  Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The Byrds, The Mamas & The Papas, The Eagles, and Crosby, Stills & Nash, to name just a few, all lived, loved, created, and collaborated there.  Here, Lauren Fox tells the story of this epic time in American music history, and sings the songs that it inspired.

As Stephen Holden wrote in the New York Times, “In this enthralling show, Ms. Fox doesn’t just sing the music of Ms. Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Carole King and more.  With her long straight hair and full length dress, and her theatrical know-how, she embodies it physically and spiritually…Ms. Fox and her musicians do an amazing job.”

The Times Square Chronicles raved, “It’s a testimony to Lauren Fox’s gift and her deep affinity to this time and place that she channeled the music in such a way that we hear it as if for the first time.  With music this familiar, that is no small accomplishment.”

From William Wolf, President of the Drama Desk: “The superb Ms. Fox sings in ways that send chills up and down one’s spine.”


Show #3:
The Muses Behind the Legends of Rock & Roll

Rock stars have always taken the spotlight and the women in the wings have always loved and supported them.  It’s time for the girls to take center stage in this tribute to the beauties who loved the music so much that they got as close to it as one possibly could.  Audiences will get rocked HARD, turned on, and turned out as Lauren Fox and her trio celebrate the women who started a sexual revolution…and never looked back! With music by Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Waylon Jennings and more!

Wrote Theatre Pizzazz about Lauren in this show:  “Her style is direct, sure and confident. While she has been likened to Joni Mitchell in the past –here she’s grooving with the driving sensibility of rock divas. Fox is also an actress, and her training in that area enhances and adds depth to her singing, as well as the way she directly and comprehensively connects with her audience. As much as she is a singer, Fox is a storyteller. With “Groupies,” she’s woven an intricate tapestry of a lifestyle, tying together the who slept with whom to the music.”


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