Fran Cosmo
Former Lead Singer of Boston

Fran Cosmo exploded onto the Rock scene when he took over for Brad Delp as the lead singer for the Legendary group BOSTON in 1992. Fran was featured as the lead vocalist on the "WALK ON" Album which sold over a million copies worldwide. Certified Platinum in America and certified Platinum in Canada. Fran's Lead vocals was also featured on four of the songs off the "Corporate America" Album and both of BOSTON'S Greatest Hits.The song "Livin For You" in which Fran also sang lead on was the only LIVE BOSTON song ever released on the Greatest Hits Albums. Before joining Boston Fran was a highly respected vocalist. He was the Lead singer and co-song writer for Both "Orion The Hunter" and Barry Goudreau Albums. The Song "So You Ran" was big MTV hit and climbed to number #4 on the US billboard Charts. The band then toured with Aerosmith's "Back in the Saddle" Tour.

The Band also features Anton Cosmo and David Sikes also former members of BOSTON.  Anton wrote and performed four songs off the "Corporate America" Album and performed as the backing vocalist and guitarist on the 2003-2004 world tours. David played bass, sang and co wrote a number of songs with Tom Scholz for the BOSTON's "Walk On". Fran and David began a friendship that has continued through the years. In addition to multiple tours over his 11 years with Boston, David also appears on the "Boston's Greatest Hits" and "Corporate America" CD's.

Fran Cosmo a Classic Rock Legend, is a MUST SEE in live performance, and is known for his high energy and outstanding vocals that very few can still perform.



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