The Duttons
America's Favorite Family Entertainment

Branson, MO has dozens of live shows, but from start to end, The Dutton Show is nothing but a "driving," exciting, touching, comfortable and simply wonderful entertainment experience.  It's not just their instrumentality, vocal skills or great sets, costuming, choreography and the way the show seamlessly flows from one enjoyable element to the other that makes this show so enjoyable.  It is the inherent ability of The Duttons to share their family and its considerable skills with the audience in such a way that, even if just for a brief couple of hours as they watch the show, they feel like "family."  This makes what is already a great entertainment experience a wonderful personal experience as well.  They were  Top Ten finalists on “America’s Got Talent”.

In addition to their instrumental virtuosity, the Duttons are accomplished singers and dancers and have been recognized as superb vocal talents. Behind the scenes, The Duttons collaborate to create unique production ideas for their shows which delight audiences. The show is self produced by the family including choreography, musical arrangement, technical support, production, and marketing, the end result of which is the audience streaming from the theater proclaiming, “This is the best show I have ever seen in my life!”

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